“It’s really hard to describe an encounter with Ken Cope. You simply have to experience it.”

Janet Walls

President and Founder at Delta Blvd

It’s really hard to describe an encounter with Ken Cope. You simply have to experience it.  I’ve been privileged to have had two growth encounters with Ken. The first was when he served as my executive coach during a very transformative season in my life. Ken helped me see what had been ‘covered up’ and helped me embrace the fullness of who I was created to be. Ken used a variety of assessments, listened to my stories, and provided a trusted space for me to learn and grow. This experience led to a greater awareness of my strengths and growth opportunities and positioned me for my next season of personal and professional growth.

I also had the unique privilege of working alongside Ken for three years on a few consulting projects. We each brought our unique skills and subject matter expertise to the engagements but, the biggest benefit to me was being able to learn and grow with him. During our work together, I observed Ken as he coached and consulted a wide variety of clients each with their own unique opportunities and challenges. As Ken works with his clients, he holds the right balance of curiosity and insight, listening and direct feedback, wisdom and discovery. If you have the privilege of being coached by Ken, you will be blessed beyond measure. I certainly was.

Janet Walls

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