“I would never make an important hire without having Ken interview the finalist.”

John Ingram

Chairman of Ingram Content Group & Ingram Industries, Inc.


I have worked with Ken for over a decade. He started as my corporate coach and has become much more. He has been an excellent coach personally and professionally. He is one of the most gifted people I have ever experienced.

During this time, I have worked with Ken on myself. Through his coaching I have developed a firm grip of who I really am and what my life purpose is. I have discovered my core values and principles that guide me in every aspect of my personal life and in my businesses. He has been especially helpful at important times of decision-making and transition.

With respect to my business, Ken’s insight and wisdom about people and how best to engage with them has been invaluable. I would never make an important hire without having Ken interview the finalist to make sure that the individual’s values and core nature are consistent with my own and my expectations for those who work with me in my business.

Ken possesses a unique gift that separates him from anyone else I have ever met. He can spend a short amount of time with anybody and (intuitively!) understand how the individual is wired for success. Ken can quickly discern what is good and right about them and know what makes them tick!

I am positive you would find meeting with him useful, affirming, and helpful.

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