“My experience with Ken was life altering. […] I would consider Ken a bit of a genius or savant at what he does.”

Tim Ozgener

Co-Founder and President at Oz Arts Nashville

My experience with Ken was life altering. He got me to look deeply into my life and my past experiences and connect me to my “sweet spot” – in other words – what I am happiest doing, and what I am good at doing.

He got me to more acutely define my ethics and morals, which allowed me to make better decisions moving forward. As a result, I have become a more centered, grounded, less anxious, confident, and a happier person.

I would consider Ken a bit of a genius or savant at what he does. He has an uncanny ability to understand your personality and tell you how you react to things. I am really grateful for Ken’s perspective. He has a keen understanding of who you are and how you react based on his interactions with you, relative to various life circumstances. I am grateful for his wisdom and insight.

Would I encourage someone to engage with Ken? Absolutely. I think for anybody that wants to know themselves well and wants to connect with what will make them truly happy, Ken will help you emerge from your cocoon, like how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Tim Ozgener

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